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CrossFit Kreis 9 goes to a training camp in Portugal!

We are excited to announce the first ever CrossFit Kreis 9 training camp in Portugal. We are going to spend a full week of fun, CrossFit, surfing, yoga, running, hiking and more in the beautiful Ericeira in Portugal this fall. The camp is suitable for all levels of athletes, also to those with minimal CrossFit experience. All actions are voluntary, and you can pick on what you want to participate in.

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Gymnastics Skill Course with Coach Lucas Bonelli!

Join Coach Lucas for exclusive gymnastics skill courses at CrossFit Kreis 9! Whether you’re a beginner focusing on the handstand push-up or an experienced athlete tackling bar muscle-ups and pullovers, these courses are tailored to elevate your skills. The courses run in 4 week cycles and the next cycle cover the following:

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K9O and CrossFit Open is here!

Join us for an exhilarating three-week team competition K9O! Embrace the challenge, forge lasting memories, and ignite friendly competition. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to CrossFit, there’s a place for you. Experience the thrill of pushing your limits alongside teammates, all while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to test your skills, make new friends, and celebrate the spirit of CrossFit. Sign up now, join our intramural open and be part of something extraordinary!

The K9O uses the worldwide CrossFit Open with its workouts as a base. You can choose to join both competitions or stick to our in-house competition K9O!

CrossFit Open Fundamentals:

  • Annual global competition with 300,000 participants worldwide.
  • Individual competition.
  • 3-week online event starting February 29th.
  • Workouts released each Thursday.
  • All inclusive – Rx and scaled versions available for all fitness levels.
  • Participant must complete all events to have a score.

K9O – The CrossFit Kreis 9 In-House Open Fundamentals:

  • Internal team competition for 3 weeks.
  • Teams: 4 teams. Participant randomly drafted in teams.
  • Points: Earned through weekly participation, top performances, and bonus challenges.
  • Scoring: Echelon scoring software ensures fair and accurate results.
  • Divisions: Rx, Scaled, and Masters for both male and female athletes.
  • Participant can compete even when not able to attend every event. EVERY SCORE COUNTS for the team!

K9O schedule 2024:

  • 3 Fridays – 1.3, 8.3, 15.3 @ 18:30-21:00
  • Let’s make this Open the best one yet together!

Sign-up instructions in the gym!

Updated drop-in times

Due to a high general demand the possible drop-in times as of 10.11.2023 are as follows:

Mon, Wed, Fri 10 am (CrossFit All Levels)
Mon – Fri 4 pm (CrossFit All Levels)
Thursday 8 pm (Conditioning)

Please sign-up for a drop-in at least 24 hours in advance via

*Times updated 29.3.2024

Running Club by Erik Tòth

Are you an ambitious runner or someone who wants to give running a real chance? As of 26.4.2023 Coach Erik will be leading a 12-week running course. The course will consist of thee 3-week intervals with 1 week in between. The dates of the trainings are 26.4., 3.5, 10.5., 24.5., 31.5., 7.5., 21.6., 28.6. and 5.7. This course is suitable for all levels of runners but preferably you should be able to complete a run of 3 km under 20 minutes.

Time: Wednesdays 7 – 8 pm

Meeting point: CrossFit Kreis 9, Aargauertsrasse 250, 8048 Zürich

Price CHF 195;-

Book your course here:

Or get more information directly from the coach here:

New “Babies & Barbells” class

Starting on 20.4. 2023 we will offer a new CrossFit class called Babies & Barbells for new moms and their babies. The class is suitable for all women in post-partum state whether they have fitness experience or not. The differences in experience, fitness level and post-natal state will be carefully considered by the coach and adjustments to the programming are made accordingly.

Post partum training has been shown to offer various physical and mental health benefits for women. This is an easy access class to all new mommies and can also be used as a stepping stone to CrossFit or functional training.

This class is led by a physiotherapist certified in pre – and postnatal fitness. The class size is limited to 8 mommies with their babies. During this very special class the whole CrossFit Kreis 9 gym is reserved to this class only. CrossFit Kreis 9 is recognized by Swiss health insurance companies.

Time: Thursdays 10 – 11

Price: CHF 145,- per four weeks

Book your spot now!

Masters weightlifting workshop

Are you a 35+ lifter?

Come and learn from Laura Niemelä (Speedsters Coaching) all you need to know about master’s weightlifting! The 4-hour workshop will be held on 22.1.2023 at CrossFit Kreis 9 from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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Christmas Gift Cards now available!

Are you looking for a perfect present for a CrossFit Kreis 9 member or for someone who needs fitness in their life! CrossFit Kreis 9 gift cards are now available until 24.12.2022. The gift cards are sold with an adjustable amount and can be used for all of our services; group training memberships, personal training, nutrition coaching and bootcamps.

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