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Monthly Archives: November 2022

Christmas Gift Cards now available!

Are you looking for a perfect present for a CrossFit Kreis 9 member or for someone who needs fitness in their life! CrossFit Kreis 9 gift cards are now available until 24.12.2022. The gift cards are sold with an adjustable amount and can be used for all of our services; group training memberships, personal training, nutrition coaching and bootcamps.

To challenge or not to challenge?

In the last few years all kinds of nutrition and fitness challenges have gained on popularity. The prime time of all kinds of fitness and weight loss challenges – January – is just around the corner. What are biggest pros and cons in this kind of periodical thinking?

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3 Benefits of group training

Group training is an excellent tool for people looking to improve their fitness and health. With group training, you can get a great workout in a fun environment with the support of other people who are trying to reach similar goals. Many gyms offer classes that are taught by skilled instructors and coaches.

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