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Babies & Barbells – CrossFit for moms

Babies & Barbells

A unique functional training class for moms and their babies! Join our CrossFit class designed specially for new moms!

Post partum training has been shown to offer various physical and mental health benefits for women. The class offers a unique approach to the post-partum training. The program is designed to make you sweat and get strong while still taking the post-natal state in consideration. The class is also the perfect opportunity to meet other women in similar life situation and with the same goal – making the body and mind strong and healthy. This is an easy access class to all new mommies and can also be used as a stepping stone to CrossFit or functional training. The class is led by a physiotherapist certified in pre – and postnatal fitness. The class does not require any previous fitness training experience.

CrossFit Kreis 9 is recognized by Swiss health insurance companies.

Book a free introduction or trial training now! Just fill in the contact form or email the program leader at

Babies and Barbells – CrossFit for moms class takes place on Thursdays 10:00 – 11:00. During these classes the gym is reserved for Babies & Barbells exclusively.

About the Coach:


Meet Fran: A young dynamo with the wisdom of a seasoned pro. Armed with a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy and an impressive array of certifications spanning from medical tapping to resuscitation, Fran is not one to sit idly by. As a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, pre- and post natal fitness expert, she’s always at the forefront, leading with initiative and a passion for making a difference. With a knack for action and an extensive toolkit of skills, Fran is ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

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