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How To Start

Whether you are new to CrossFit or experienced exerciser, you are welcome!



We have different options to match your training ambitions.

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Babies & Barbells

A unique functional training class for moms and their babies!

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What does it mean to be fit?

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CrossFit all levels

CrossFit All Levels

“Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.” This is it. Basic CrossFit training that is scalable and accessible for everyone regardless of age, fitness level, or athletic background.

CrossFit Advanced

CrossFit Advanced

Do you already speak and live CrossFit? SDHP, DU, MU, EMOM don’t need an explanation. If the answer is yes, then this class is perfect for you. This class will provide a higher workload and more complex movements over 75 min than CF All Levels, but is based on the same programming.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Do you have specific needs? Maybe you just prefer to have the individual attention of an experienced coach. Perhaps your schedule limits your ability to workout at the prescribed times. Personal training offers our members the flexibility to suit your lifestyle. Our trainers will be happy to support you with your goals.

Conditioning Class

Conditioning Class

This class is designed for those whose focus is on the enhanced fitness through better cardiorespiratory output! Too complicated? Lets try again. This class is for those who want to get in a good sweat, breath heavy and have fun while doing so! Longer workouts without complex gymnastics movements will do the job.

Strength Class

Strength Class

Specialty class focusing on getting you stronger! The typical flow of the class consisct of a maximum strength portion followed by a mountain of strength accessory. Even though the class is packed with work for the athlete, there is a plenty of time for the coach to really focus on your movement quality!

CrossFit All Levels


Olympic weightlifting is the sport that with no doubt gives you the most bang of your buck when it comes to improving your strength, speed, power, balance and body function. Olympic weightlifting is also the sport that will help you to resist the decline of the aforementioned as you age! Contrary to the common beliefs Olympic weightlifting, when executed with right technique, is safe and beneficial for everyone. Our classes focus on learning and improving either the Snatch or the Clean & Jerk and will also take the CrossFit specific applications (barbell cycling) into account.

Healthy food

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is the base of your health and your diet is an essential tool for your fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, be more energized, run a marathon, break bad habits, recover faster from your workouts or gain more knowledge about the effects of your diet to your health and body composition, nutrition coaching is for you. We tailor the coaching to suit your need 100%. No dogmas, no one-size-fits-all solutions, no banned foods. Just you, your goals and your needs. And your success.

Private corporate class

Private / Corporate Class

A fitness class tailored to suit your needs and schedule.

Goal review

Goal Review

A consultation with one of our expert coaches. The goal review is a complementary service offered to all members to help them in their individual needs, goal setting and accountability. Th Goal Review includes an InBody scan with a result tracking tool.

Inbody scan

InBody Scan

Unlock a deeper understanding of your wellness beyond the scale with the InBody® Test—an accurate, non-invasive body composition analysis. Ditch the guesswork and traditional methods for reliable results, guiding you towards precise health and fitness goals. Let our expert coach lead you through the test and interpret the findings for actionable insights.

This test is included to our memberships but can be bought as a separate service as well. The test takes only a few minutes and a tracking App is available for the customers to track their results over time.


All services include individual consultations, goal setting sessions and InBody scans.


Starting at 


per 4 weeks

Babies & Barbells


per 4 weeks

Semi private training

Starting at 


per 4 weeks

Hybrid memberships

Fully tailored for the member’s needs. Can include any combination of group training, semi private training, personal training, nutrition coaching and accountability. Prices by request.

Personal Training
& Nutrition Coaching

60 minutes


30 minutes


Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

75 minutes


Our Box

The training area is approximately 500m2, with lots of daylight! It is fully equipped to support all types of CrossFit sessions.

Our Personal Training Studio is an old garage with a high ceiling and a lot of speciality equipment to support your training. It is used mainly for personal and small group training. Occasionally, we host seminars and other small events there. If you are interested in renting this space for private use, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yes, we love new friends. Please, send us an email latest 24h before the visit and we will reserve a spot for you. Pricing for a single drop-in is 35,-. We also offer 1-week visitor passes.



CrossFit Kreis 9 offers an attractive and unique possibility to be part of a success story in changing lives by coaching people in fitness, health, and lifestyle habits. We are constantly looking for opportunities to grow our team with professional and highly motivated coaches. If you have a solid background in fitness (CrossFit, personal training, strength and conditioning or group fitness) and a passion to help, please contact us via erik@crossfitkreis9.ch.

How To Find Us


Aargauerstrasse 250, 8048 Zurich

by train: Altstetten Station
by tram: Line 4 to stop Bahnhof Altstetten Nord
by bus: Lines 304, 308, 307 to stop Bahnhof Altstetten Nord


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