Terms & Condition of CrossFit Kreis 9


  1. At CrossFit Kreis 9 (CFZW GmbH) persons at the age of 16 are admitted. In the case of underage members, the legal representative or guardian is liable for the fulfillment of the contract.
  2. The membership allows the use of CrossFit Kreis 9 facilities and services according to the membership type.
  3. CrossFit Kreis 9 reserves the right to refuse a service to anyone at any time.
  4. Prices for our products and services are subject to change without notice.
  5. The membership includes: Booking and visiting of training sessions according to the contract. There is no claim for a refund or renewal of the contract for lessons that have not been attended or redeemed.
  6. The membership is personal, non-transferable and in general not changeable. All sales are final after the purchase has been made.
  7. CrossFit Kreis 9 reserves the right to charge additional fees for late cancellations and no-shows of the reserved training slots. The conditions for the cancellation curfews and the fees are subject to change at any point and will be communicated to all members separately.
  8. The member accepts to follow the instructions of the employees of CrossFit Kreis 9 as well as to strictly act upon the hygiene regulations and the house rules. Harsh or repeated violations will result in a house ban. In this case there is no right to a refund of the membership fee.
  9. Any liability of CrossFit Kreis 9 or its staff for damages resulting from an accident, injury or illness is excluded. The conclusion of an insurance is the responsibility of the member.
  10. CrossFit Kreis 9 is not liable for the loss of valuables, money, clothes, etc. Also excluded is any liability for deposited items. The conclusion of an insurance is the responsibility of the member.
  11. CrossFit Kreis 9 is open during the operating hours with the exception of various public holidays and with the exception of cleaning, reconstruction etc. From further mandatory closures, the member has no claim for a refund or to an extension of their membership.
  12. CrossFit Kreis 9 can change the services and the training times at any time. In the case of a reduction in the offer or the training times, the members have no claim for a refund.
  13. Non-use of the equipment, classes or services of CrossFit Kreis 9 does not entitle the participants to reduce or reimburse the membership fee.
  14. CrossFit Kreis 9 offers two types of memberships; 1. Paid-in-full (6 months paid in advance) 2. 4-week autopays
  15. Paid-in-full membership have a start and end date and must be renewed by the member.
  16. 4-week autopays run automatically further until cancelled. The minimum duration of this contract is 8 weeks. The cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the next payment is due by emailing office@crossfitkreis9.ch. The customer will receive a confirmation email within 72 h.
  17. If there is a valid reason (illness, pregnancy, accident or military) a paid-in-full membership can be extended for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months. Extension requires an additional confirmation / certificate (i.e. medical certificate). An autopay can be suspended the same way under the same conditions.
  18. For holidays a paid-in-full membership can be paused as follows, a 6-month membership can be paused for 1 period of at least 1 week to a maximum of 2 weeks. The extension must be submitted in advance by e-mail to CrossFit Kreis 9 (office@crossfitkreis9.ch).
  19. A retroactive extension is only possible in case of illness / accident. This must be requested within 7 days after the medically certified inability to exercise. Applications submitted later will no longer be considered.
  20. The member acknowledges that possible changes to the general terms and conditions and the house rules may occur and that they will be communicated in a suitable form. The member cannot derive any rights from a change of the general terms and conditions or the house rules. The current terms and conditions and the current regulations always apply.
  21. The rights and obligations of this agreement may be transferred by CrossFit Kreis 9 (CFZW GmbH) to a legal successor. The transfer of CrossFit Kreis 9 within the canton does not automatically entitle to premature termination.
  22. During the classes, photos and videos may be taken by the employees of CrossFit Kreis 9 or an external photographer. The photos / videos can be published in social media or on CrossFit Kreis 9 homepage. Taking photos or videos of the training is also allowed for
    members. CrossFit Kreis 9 is not accepting any responsibility of the use of these photos. Taking photos for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without a special permit from CrossFit Kreis 9 management.
  23. The present contract constitutes a judiciary title.
  24. Jurisdiction is Zurich.