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Resilience of a masters athlete

A masters athlete, someone who is 35 years old and older, faces special mental challenges and rewards in CrossFit. Masters athletes have to balance hard training with everyday life, which builds their resilience, making it both necessary and a strong point.

Understanding resilience

For these athletes, being resilient means bouncing back quickly from tough times. It’s more than just dealing with stress; it’s about turning problems into chances for improvement and showing they are mentally strong and flexible. Resilience here means they keep getting better, finding new ways to handle training and competitions.

Juggling life and training

Masters athletes are good at handling the tricky mix of work, family, and intense training. Managing all these areas boosts their skills in organizing time and setting priorities, which also helps build their mental strength and belief in themselves.

Gained wisdom: Beating self-comparison

With their years of experience, masters athletes have a mental advantage. They focus on their current successes instead of how they used to perform. This approach reduces self-doubt and leads to a positive way of thinking about their progress and mental growth.

Maturity as a strength: Competing with the younger ones

When facing younger competitors, masters athletes use their experience and maturity to their advantage. They plan and execute strategies well, changing potential fear into moments of outstanding performance. This shows their resilience in thinking and managing emotions under pressure.

Smart balance: Training and resting right

Knowing how to balance hard training and proper rest is key for these athletes. They listen to their bodies to make smart choices in training, which keeps them in the sport for a longer time. This smart balance shows their resilience, as they adjust to stay in top shape without getting hurt.

Mental power: Believing in the mind’s strength

Masters athletes have a strong belief in the power of the mind. This belief pushes them to test their limits while being aware of their physical limits, helping them stay active and competitive over time. Their mental strength is essential for overcoming the challenges and pressures of competing.


The resilience of a masters athlete is different than the one of a younger athlete. Masters athletes in CrossFit deal with unique mental challenges and benefits. Their resilience, developed from balancing life and sports, prepares them to excel. Their experience, smart planning, and careful approach to training and recovery highlight their mental and physical abilities. In this world, being older represents resilience, with the experienced athlete showing great mental and physical strength.

  • Saara

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Meet Saara, a master athlete and a multifaceted professional with an impressive array of qualifications. With a commitment to promoting sustainable fitness and health, Saara balances her role as a business owner and mother of three, emphasizing the adaptable and enduring nature of CrossFit training that aligns with her life’s demands and aspirations.

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