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Masters weightlifting workshop

Are you a 35+ lifter?

Come and learn from Laura Niemelä (Speedsters Coaching) all you need to know about master’s weightlifting! The 4-hour workshop will be held on 22.1.2023 at CrossFit Kreis 9 from 1 pm to 5 pm.

This workshop is all about optimization and personalization regardless whether it comes to your lifting style or training! We will look at the basics of the weightlifting technique that will help you with both, the two big lifts as well as barbell cycling. We will look at individual challenges as well as strengths to find solutions that suit your individual needs. In addition to technique we will be addressing the most common mobility issues. We will concentrate mainly on fixing them but also working around them. We will also be discussing the specific details a masters athlete needs to take into account when planning their training and programming.

About Laura

Laura is a professional weightlifting and strength coach specialized coaching athletes who compete in or train CrossFit. Over 500 athletes per year attend her well known seminars. Laura is known for her unique teaching style concentrating on how the lifts feel and the flow of the movement. In her workshops the athletes get to move the bar from the very first moment!

  • Professional (level 4) Weightlifting coach
  • 3-time National champion (Finland)

My philosophy is based on efficiency, which comes through a sense of control and balance. You can only be fast when you are relaxed. My approach is as simple as possible, and it takes the participants into consideration as individuals with different lifting styles. The result should be fundamental changes and cues, that are easy to maintain, so they will carry over to future training.


This workshop is all about YOU getting BETTER.

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