CrossFit Coach,
Customer Experience Manager



  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor (EFA certified)
  • Reha Trainer for back and extremities
  • Studying Fitness Economics
  • Personal Trainer

Aldo is one of the first CrossFit Kreis 9 members. He came to CrossFit with a sporting background in Sanda boxing. With his incredible coachability he managed to catch the attention of the coaches immediately. “I actually was a Personal Trainer already before starting CrossFit”. As a coach Aldo pays special attention to communication. “No matter how good my knowledge is, if the customer does not understand what I am saying, I have failed”. Probably needless to say, Aldo is most likely the best communicating coach you will ever come across.

According to Aldo CrossFit itself is the most intelligent fitness concept there is. “No other sport can combine community, fitness and competitiveness the same way as CrossFit does.” The magic happens when people from all backgrounds, all age groups and different fitness levels are integrated as one group. One might be there just for the only sweaty hour of the week and for the next person it is the second training of the day. “Your goal can be to be the fittest on earth or just prepared for life, CrossFit will get you there.”

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